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If you’ve opened my about page, you most properly want to know a bit more about me.  So lets begin at the beginning…  One day looong looong ago, there was a girl who never felt she could do anything special…  so someday someone introduce her to a small little craft shop and immediately she knew that all the things she see in front of her can be used to create something special.  She bought a piece of scrapbook paper – she didn’t even know that it was scrapbook paper- she thought it was paper to use on cards or stuff like that.  That was the first step in the right direction…  


One day not so very looong ago she decided to start her own Blog so she can keep track with all the cards she make and to share her ideas and all the things she discover with other people.  That way she can tell other people that everyone has something special inside of them… You only need to go out and discover it.

Needless to say… today I’m a card making addict and also do a bit of scrapbooking.  I like taking photographs, but I’m still learning.  I’m married to a loving husband and have two wonderful daughters.  We live in South Africa -Pretoria. 

Enjoy my blog!

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